Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 23, 2019

HURDLE~by Ogunmona A. Emmanuel




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Cloudy sky; No trace of a silver lining
Seated alone in my troubled boat
Afraid, lost, and dying inside
You sailed across to invite me into your relationship

You shattered my fortress
And brought to me the water of life
Drawn from the depth of the purest heart,
a foretaste that got me craving for more

You pushed me into the pool of your heart
To drink to my satisfaction
Time loses value in that pool
You gave me everything I ever lacked
I hate to say it but, you complete me

Your smile was divine
Healing words that caress my soul
As they carefully craft our future
At your touch, all my nerves and fibres melt

Sleeping in your arms felt secure
Until I was awoken by the wicked bangs of reality
Spoken by our parents in parables and plain words
The everlasting enmity between our tribes
That will forever withhold their blessings

Will my tear-soaked pillow appease our earthly gods?
Will a thousand of sacrifices will be acceptable?
For my heart is rendered into pieces
With many questions left unanswered,
floating in an ocean of tears.

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