Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 23, 2019

Moon of All Shining Desire~by Annie Johnson‎



Moon of All Shining Desire

Image may contain: night

Moon of all shining desire
Rapture laden sweetness of orgy and fire
Suspended in brightness tipped Earthward,
A path through the night
Unraveling the stillness
Achingly holding the light.
Radiant your pathway –
Enchanted and new
Tangled with stardust and spangled with dew
Reflecting the light of the cosmos
In the shimmering stars on your gown.
Moonlit hours are fleeting…
And in dreams your light I recall
Delicate and wispy like a dress
Worn to a debutante’s ball.
Drape this silhouette once more
In your soft golden light
With Earth’s music playing waltzes
Some magical night
Dance my moon-tipsy shadow, lightly
Around the deserted ballroom floor
Then out through the open French door
Whirl me in breathless ecstasy
Onto the terrace of night.

Annie Johnson©

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