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Song of Solomon The Shulammite Maiden~by Inga Harris



Song of Solomon
The Shulammite Maiden

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From where do you come from

For your beauty is foreign and intoxicating.
Like ripened grapes freshly crushed beneath my feet,
May I look upon your smile as a blossoming and noble vine
As my eyes implore you.

From where do you come from, O King

For you have searched for your heart’s desire
Within the arms of a lowly shepherd boy;
For I belong to him, And he is mine.
I am dark, but lovely and with loyalty I choose my love
Over any riches or fame

From where do you come from?

For your loveliness has wandered into my camp
And I find within my grasp, a rare and splendid jewel.
I shall shower you with the ornaments of love
For you will proceed all others

My King, deal kindly with your servant.

For I am loyal and the loyalty lies deep within my heart
For my shepherd boy
And he for me. Do not, please, steal my heart away
For there is only room for this one
And we have found each other in splendor

For the only affection greater than this
Lies with my God
And it is He that has brought to me
This rare and immeasurable gift

By © ingaharristunks

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