Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 24, 2019

Europe or the Caribbean?~by rldubour



Europe or the Caribbean?

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It’s true what they say, “Like no other vacation on earth!”

And for the money every cent it is worth.

When you’re treated like royalty, like king and a queen.

A vacation that’s sure to fulfill all your dreams.


But, now we have friction in this romantic cruise.

Europe or the Caribbean, which one do they choose?

He wants to go south to the islands of sun and warms seas.

She wants to see England, France and Italy.


What a dilemma, which one will give in?

She wants something different from where they have already been.

He loves the Caribbean, this is the cruise.

Yet, she longs to see Europe, to see something new.


Europe is exciting and full of history.

But, the Caribbean is inviting and full of mystery.

Will arbitration be needed before they book their next cruise?

Which one will win? Which one will lose?


There will be no loser in which ever event.

As long as they agree the money is well spent.

If you want my opinion and it’s always free.

Let her book the next cruise wherever it be.


Europe or the Caribbean which one will they choose?

It really don’t matter as long as they’re both on the same cruise!

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