Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 24, 2019

IN LOVE AGAIN !~by Saroj K Padhi




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OUT of the Night’s dumb, dark womb
to a fine, new dawn was I slowly born,
fed with milk of dew on sunny grass
I lay on Love’s new, green wet lawn–
in new dawn after first love had gone;
when my charmed body was touched
by magic of rays from a beaming Sun–
with thousand colors of rainbow basking
my mimosa body in drops of cosmic fun !

Wind started scribbling new verses of hope
on shiny pages of my healing mind to soothe–
an agonized soul, crushed to ooze and roll
like a jasmine under the Night’s heavy sole.

Soon there came some stars rushing in
to relish love drizzling from the sky’s brim
tucked to a wounded heart in wake of a turn
with only a single desire for the soul to burn ;

where rustles of leaves sang songs of joy
sands kissed my face with a lover’s ploy ;

dust smeared my soul with musk of wood sandal
quenching parched throat with dew’s wherewithal

and I rose back to live again a life of my new love
with showers of mystical delight from the above;

telling me to go back to threshold of that old door
with my windows open to light from heaven’s floor

for, after all I live on the bank of blood’s stream
with ever renewing cells of flesh in warm dream.

Copy right : @ Saroj K. Padhi

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