Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 24, 2019

The Doorway of Dreams~by Annie Johnson



The Doorway of Dreams

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You run naked through the meadows of my mind
And splash me in the sparkling streams of dreams.
You romp with me over the shadowy woods of time
And run ahead of me to greet the morning’s laughter
On wings of golden sunlight and trilling bird song.
Dreams have a way of opening eternity’s doorway
To glimpse heaven one sweet night at a time.
Sky rockets of starlight and moonshine adorn
What we can only imagine in conscious awareness
Scattered across the skies of night and dreams.
Would that I could meet such beauty of time
Cast upon the hours of sleep in thoughts of you
And take you by the hand and look into your eyes
And speak all the love I whisper nightly in your ears.
Oh, how cherished you are in my mind and heart
Both awake and deep in the cradle of sleeping night.
Yours is the face my eyes adore and yours the body
My body longs to touch, to taste and awaken next to
In the soft light of morning dust motes dancing in the air.
I shall lie on the ancient threshold of dream’s doorway
Awaiting the future, when time decrees, you step from
My world of sleep, into my waiting arms and day awakened.

Annie Johnson©

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