Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 25, 2019

SPRING IS BACK~by Saroj K Padhi




Image may contain: bird and flower

Spring has come knocking the doors and flinging open
stiff windows of my isolation with an intoxicating wind
that shakes dusty, crumpled leaves of my grey present 
to rustle like green grass in love of Spring grown blind;

specks of pink get sprinkled on chest of clouds sparse
on a January sky where a crimson Sun newly born fights
dark smokes rising from burning hay in fields of distance,
perfumes of zillion flowers swim in fog as dawn alights;

Onrush of what fluid is this from the old pituitary glands ?
What flutters I hear on lips of a darkish crazy Spring dawn
as songs rise from honeycombs dangling from tall boughs
and wings flap with pitter patter of dew from face of morn;

look how unseen hands gently rub camphor of fog on lids
as the herons sit on grass like monks reading rosary beads !

p. c credit: google

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