Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 25, 2019

When the Full Moon On The Sky~by Rini Valentina



When the Full Moon On The Sky

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The sound of the night sing a song longs to wait for the sun comes
Like the sound of my heart waiting you to blink and look at me
I miss you
I want to see your beautiful smile’.

The tears of the fireflies expect the arrival of a star smile
Like my dream waiting for your presence
As my expected about you was blocked by the thousands of distances like the iron railroad tracks
I don’t know when I can hold your fingers that often saying your longing.

The owl flings whisper in my ears as the moon gets full
Invite me to write in the dim sky about the same longing
I miss him as a real presence
Like an owl, it also misses the moon that smiles seeing me doubtful.

When the moonlight hugs me
I sob
My tears hold back the longing that ensnared me
Pursue the full moon to take me flying away to the clouds and create so many poems about love and longing … for him ….

Borneo Indonesia January 21, 2019
Rini Valentina

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