Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 26, 2019

“DO YOU LIKE SCARY MOVIES? “~by Martin Gedge



POEM “DO YOU LIKE SCARY MOVIES? ” by martin gedge

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Under black and painted veil
there lies a deadly force
whose crazy face will put in place
it’s duty from it’s source
and scream a dream to rip the screen
to feel no sad remorse
and stop the breath to put to death
to chill the skin of course
each mystery lies tragedy
to poke and prick each pin
what harbors here is more then fear
of what lies deadly in
but good and bad is truly mad
and glad to spread its grin
a severed knife to take each life
and peel away the skin
but be so bold that those who hold
a fever for suspense
to rack the brain into insane
when time are good and tense
there is no cure for rich and pure
to lay down your defense
who wears the mask will take to task
to kill at no expense
so flick the switch turn out the lights
let shadows creep and crawl
and hope to god your dwelling pod
is not for taking calls
cause if by ring your answering
prepare to have your balls
shoved through the gut from ass to nut
to splatter up the walls…

by martin gedge©

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