Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 26, 2019

You made me do it!~by rldubour



You made me do it!

Image result for You made me do it!

It’s not my fault I am this way, but I must admit.

It’s his fault I did it and he made me commit.

Committed to a hospital like I needed a fix.

It’s all your fault! You mad me do it!

It’s not my fault! I can’t be the blame.

You! Made me do it! You should be ashamed!

I dwell in the past, my childhood was a mess.

I keep bringing that up, every time I regress!


So, I can’t handle things, too much on my mind.

You make me sick, but Oxycontin is just fine!

I can just drop a pill and take a real long nap.

Complain no one loves me as a matter of fact.

I feel sick all the time and then get in my moods.

No one understands, I think they are all fools.

I wish I were stronger to handle all life’s stress.

Just seems that I give up, never trying my best.


I blame this all on Mom and Dad.

My sisters and brothers for the childhood that I had.

Life dealt me a bad hand, Mom favored my sis.

It’s your entire fault! You made me do it!

You’re all put here to drive me crazy!

My looking glass is always hazy!

Not clear in my mind how I handle things.

My stomach is in knots like it’s all tied up with strings.


It’s not my fault! I can’t be the blame!

You! Made me do it! You should be ashamed.

Maybe I should do it and finally take advice.

Just get over my past and start a brand new life!

Wipe the slate clean and finally admit.

That it’s me all along, I made myself do it!

Time to sit back and reminisce

Do you know someone who is like this?

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