Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 27, 2019

Forbidden Love.~by Mxolisi Ñ Nkambule



Forbidden Love.

I wish I can ignore what I feel.
Just for you to be comfortable.
Every time I get close to you,
I stuck in the middle of my imagination.
You trying to stop me.
Trying to push me away.
It’s like I’m committing a crime.
Is it a forbidden love?

My eyes always stares at you.
My heart beats for you.
But you hurt me deeply.
Saying you love me but
Something is stopping you from expressing it.
If it’s a crime then can I be sentenced
For lifetime in prison of your heart.
This forbidden love shall end.
Because our love is endless.

© Mxolisi Ñ Nkambule


  1. I have a question, Mxolisi, those two lines, when I read it, the first of the two lines says “This forbidden love shall end” The second line says “because our love is endless” Isn’t that something like “it will end, but it will begin?’

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