Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 27, 2019

In Her Comforting Arms~by Ogunmona A. Emmanuel



In Her Comforting Arms

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In an unwavering strength and revitalized energy
He wakes up before the crow of the cock
Clearing his doubts and ploughing his vision
Each of his strike is with a warrior’s aggression

He laboured in the morning
And spared not his hand in the evening
As he continued to plant the seed of greatness
Irrigation and manure, he supplied ceaselessly

However, the fierce sun burned his dreams to ashes
And the wind of frustration raged across his fields
While a heavy rain of futility washed away the rest of his dreams
The window of heaven’s blessings closes

They say time and chances happens to them all
Are his struggles really counting at all?
Does life shows favouritism?
Really, Do men merit it or just lucky?

Denied of the fruit of his labour
Belittled by his peers and neighbours
For his struggles without an opportunity
is nothing but as lifeless as a steel

Yet, his comfort lies in the heart of his woman
For more than sexual intercourse by far
A man wants her who will cuddle him tight
And remind him that everything will be alright

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