Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 27, 2019

Love and Affection~by rldubour



Love and Affection

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When you’re young and so in love, sex is all your thinking of.

The hormones are showing and your face don’t stop glowing.

Vowing not to ever let down this great love you found.

You hold your partner for all life in which you are bound.

With that glow in her eyes, you both realize.

This was meant to be this is a match in Gods eyes.

As time goes by a simple touch of affection.

Can still warm the heart with such gratification.


With her voice you know well still makes the heart swell.

And the gleam in her eyes you always can tell.

By the look on her face you know what she’s thinking.

Just one more reason why your souls are still linking.

Like the links in a chain soldered real tight.

You are by each others side for the rest  of your lives.

Both facing your troubles either big ones of small.

You can overcome together and always stand tall.


When you can sit by her side and not say a word.

Just holding hands when a thought does occur.

The thought of your life that you spend together.

And whatever the problem together you weathered.

Just how do you thank her, for her sacrifice.

For the loving devotion she gave through her life.

Young people who read this, please take my advice.

If you have one like this then make her your wife.

Just tell her thank you at least once a day

And tell her you love her in every conceivable way!

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