Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 28, 2019

HIDDEN POETRY~by Nalini Starr




I write from my heart and soul
when feelings go out of control
when words are too hard to say
that’s when poetry comes into play
feelings that are hidden so deep
words I can no longer keep
words will fall from my eyes
as tears in disguise
Sometimes emotions push me over the brink
cannot hear myself think
then I will have to put them in ink
A passionate poet I can be
I lose myself in my poetry
my veins are stained with the ink of passion
and my words seep out in any fashion
rushing down to my fingers
where they meet pen and paper
Sometimes the words can’t stop flowing
when my thoughts keep on growing
colliding inside my head
waiting to be said
but to reveal some thoughts
I cannot do so
they are embedded too deeply
to surface and flow
not even the poet in me
can pull them out of that dark place
for all to see
hidden very well
they are my hidden poetry.



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