Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 28, 2019

SLEEPING ROSE~by Saroj K Padhi




No photo description available.

My Rose sleeps there near a fresh rose from the garden
with no thorns of secret pride in her white twigs to unburden.

Petals of her cheeks dazzle in the mirror of the full moon
peeping with intense midnight beams , her face to brighten ;
nuances of smiles lurk on her lips, suffused with pink dreams
when she moves leaves of her hands slowly towards heaven .

You don’t know how much the rose in repose on the pillow
envies you but to slowly fade into its own hate-burns below ;
and as the lilies of your smiles unfold into full –night- bloom
to shredded petals of vague fears, the other withers in gloom .

Crushed under foot of an unseen time it dies in just a little while
and lies crumpled under weight of shadows of your radiant smile ;
when your dreams stretch out to infinity to catch bliss from eternity
after moon has cleared its way out of ephemeral clouds of anxiety .

Copy right : @Saroj K. Padhi

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