Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 29, 2019

SOUL~by Susan E Birch




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The soul is who we are,
an existential promise
of who we will become
when this life is over
and our allotted time has run.
We are not what we have
nor what we have bought.
We are not flesh.
We are thought.

When the last breath is taken
then the body is forsaken.
It was a vehicle and nothing more
to house the pure and simple core
of who and what we are.

Death is not the ending,
death cannot touch that core
of light and purity.
Death is but the beginning,
a surety that we will go on,
travel far into a known unknown.
Life and death are but stages
in a journey that brings us home.

© Susan E Birch AUGUST 2017

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