Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 29, 2019

You Are Everything~by Annie Johnson

Written for my forever love…


You Are Everything

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I write love poems to you, in my soul…
And scrawl them across the sky of my mind.
You are EVERYTHING…my reason for having been born;
The fortitude and strength in my everyday existence;
The purest love I shall ever know.
You are the cold fire of distant stars
In the midnight sky of my longing.
You are the desire in my soul that builds
And bursts the confines of earth,
To fill the arms of infinity.
You are everything of exquisite beauty.
You are the perfume of sanctity
In the quiet temple of morning;
The rose of dawn; the emerald meadows;
The sapphire of the endless sky. You are
The pearly mist of morning
Dissolving above the woodland trails;
The sunbeams through the lace curtains
Of my daily routines; the warm sun
Spreading through my house of dreams;
The fading fire of evening shadows
Kissing the eyelids of night. You are
My life in brightness and shadow;
My everlasting breath of life.

Annie Johnson©



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