Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 30, 2019


Inspired by Prof. Niyi Osundare’s “EATING TOMORROW’S YAM” (A Veteran and award winning Poet from Nigeria)




Oh you sluggard!!!!
Lying haggard
And fantasizing about the morrow,
Forget not that today
Might be your last…………
Tomorrow is a friend to procrastination
And a cousin to excuses…………

Oh you Leaders
Consuming tomorrow’s yam today
What shall the future feed on?
The national barn is empty
The yams are now wasted
In the bellies of insatiable gluttons

Oh tomorrow might be too late,
Yesterday a friend told me:
“we go see tomorrow”
But today he is no more,
Tomorrow came too late,
Yesterday was his last………………………

Baba Niyi,
Tomorrow’s yam is no more
Just as you forewarned and predicted
What shall we your Progeny
Thrive on?
Shall we continue to beg
And feed on crumbs to
survive the winter?
Spring is hiding its rain
from Us………….
Summer is smiling harshly
on our land

Oh when shall tomorrow’s yam
Sprout out again?
The future is stranded in the vestiges
Of today
Oh when shall the sun shine again?
For tomorrow’s yam
Has withered in the horrors
Of the sunset and twilight?

When shall tomorrow herald a new dawn
To tell us tales of how she conquered
The plunders of today?
Oh Elders of the land!!!!!
Tomorrow’s yam is no more,
What shall the future generation
Fend on?
Tomorrow is now an illusion
A nightmare for the future
Oh tell me!!!!!!!
When shall the new yams
Grow again
For the future is dying of starvation?

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