Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 31, 2019

MOTHER DEAR~by Nalini Starr




My heart breaks seeing her this way
She’s not the same like she used to be back in her day
It’s been almost three years since she had a stroke
And everyday she is trying her best to cope
But she has improved a lot since then
But she will never be whole again
And she has accepted her situation
She used to be a strong independent woman
And she still tries to do as much as she can
She is not a complete invalid or bedridden,oh no
But she needs to walk with assistance even though slow
No way she wants to miss her exercises
She wants to do them and she’ll insist
She still has her dignity and pride
And she is still able to use her good side
She still speaks well and remembers her long ago days
And she is forever set in her ways
Her independence is strong as ever
If she can do something she wants no one to help her
Her mental capacity is still fine
She is not losing her mind
She’s outlived three sons and a husband so far
Now three daughters are left to take care of her
And she is not a complainer
She is the best mother in the world
And she is eighty five years old
And whatever life she has left
We are trying to give her the best
When I remember how she used to be
I hold back my tears and cry silently
Our dear mother she will always be.

JAN 30-2019.

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