Posted by: Ron DuBour | January 31, 2019

THE WICKEDLY WOE~by Nkanyiso Bhengu




The pen depleted of ink.
Words crowded the page for space.
Try to read from within dont blink.
Unravel the criminals loot case.
Im speaking from the mind.
Construct a poem for the blind.
Tryin to gain that everlasting love.
Masketeer with this soul binded in three.
Still waiting on you to come down above.
Straight to the poles shiver at home.
Tryin to cast a vote to stay free.
Prisoner of the mind without light.
Withdrawn the fight from our own.
Mist blockade of whats ethical right.
Animal farm growing these piglets.
Government grant birth to these triplets.
No direction to this poetry.
Raw with the tone.
We are all born from the throne.
Held back to tax n debt on home loan.
Dead bodies roaming the streets.
Not knowing where its going.
Needing it brought to doormat at feet.
Evolution resolution reverses back as to the norms that weren’t normal reset the new generation into a culture yoll foreseen and our traditions became not only what they call taboo bt diluted weak.

Should i go to the churches n preach.
This bible does not speak.
Spiritually dead to God we cant reach.
Too holy born again bt they see a freak.
Should i go to the schools n just teach.
Decrypt the textbook that sounds greek.
Back to reality.
The offspring never knows the daddy.
Baby mama on clinic line holdin up badly.
Journey to our lives started out sadly.
Unjustified enrichment they began gladly.
The purpose was never to live wealthy.
We barely live long unfit to be healthy.
Back to love.
Tryna forget that this life is slowly dying.
We all wanna have a family quit lying.
You wanna be held like the belt of orian.
Kisses to the tears when you crying.
Trust relationship with no one spying.
Lust as we making love so feel me styling.
No need to be poetic.
Never chose to be a poet.
Back of the line to register then vote.
Mental side note.
Black with the mind we already sank boat.
Tryna withdraw the anchor n keep float.
Shepherds change yet we still goat.
Failed to deliver what the pen wrote.

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