Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 5, 2019

WILL WE?~by Nalini Starr




I hope you’re well
and I hope you’re happy too
I really do
and I hope that one day
you’ll be thinking
of me the same way too
and I hope one day
If we should meet
somewhere down the line
If you’ll remember
the memories
and the good times
we shared together
and maybe we would
wonder where we went wrong
how we almost made it
and we would admit
we did move on
going our separate ways
breaking each others hearts .
And if we do meet again
If fate brings us together
Would we feel the same
About each other
Would we take this chance
And start over
Will we start a romance
And become lovers
Will we stay together and try
Will there be a forever
For you and I?

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