Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 12, 2019

INTERGRITY~by Odogu Chiekem Morgan




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I’m a man of Integrity
Hating bad and loving good
I don’t preach, I act
Without blame, born without flaws

The only honest people are
from my party, opposers are corrupt.
My kinsmen more sincere than anyone else.
My religion teaches uprightness,

Any not abiding is crooked.
Probing oppostion, digging out the faults
Showing the world how deceitful they’ve been
But joining my team I declared them sinless

Rising to power without valid credentials,
Coercing and manipulating one to justify self.
Mr. Integrity, distancing self from the ruled,
Clinging to the few cabals and tribesmen.

Feeding off nations wealth but still dry from ill health.
Hunger in the land; no strength to labor.
Yet I call the suffering masses lazy.
Making promises to change their lot,

Changing the promises to fit into my plot
Maladministration, visionless leadership
what’s my achievments thus far?
A colossal dusty broom at the city gate,

Showing how dirty we are.
Yet with integrity I rule!
In tyranny I honestly witch-hunt my rivals.
In the lust for power, I’ve lovingly failed to realize

It’s time to hand over baton.
Upright eyes blinded by tribalism,
Blamelessly can’t differentiate between
The living and the dead.

Protecting the corrupt while fighting corruption.
Who have I not blamed for our predicament?
How much for a man’s integrity?
In billions and counting!

Endowed with much imperfection,
What did you expect?
Human rule however honest
Was always doomed to fail!


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