Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 13, 2019

AROMA OF SPRING~by Saroj K Padhi




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Fragrance from bodies of buds
In the deep mango grove,
Under a Spring sun’s bower ,
Thick, Intense, but mischievous ,
Overpowers the dangling air,
Muzzling its present desire ,
Under weight of an overhanging mist,
To blow away in small wisps of wind
Leaving the garden behind ,
To escape from an asphyxia
Caused by mangoes’ odorous hysteria.

Petals from flaming Palasa drop off
At sharp pecks from birds in ecstasy,
To reel In the throes of a sweet pain
As they are sucked again and again .

Down they fall onto the heads
Of dithering jasmines
Dazed In their light oozes ,
Before they fall to be casually sucked by ants
On a leafy and grassy ground,
With shiny drops of dew around .

Your jasmine soaked body
Has shed petals of night’s sensuous dream
Awaking to the wonders of a sensual Spring
Steeped in mischievous aroma
From zillions of mango buds
That scribble endless love lyrics
On barks , petals and leaves.

Copy right : @ Saroj K. Padhi

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