Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 19, 2019

Can I?~by Orji Chiemerie



Can I?

Can I?
Can I do without?
can I love in and out?
can I remove the bullets without a shout?
Can I let go of my beliefs
and see them as the disease?
can I look past the golden leaf and take the hands of a green release?
Can I touch the chin of a gushing spring and run my sins weightless on a balancing beam?
Can I dance in the rain and not worry about a shiver?
Can I dream and drown down the fear in my voice’s scream?
Can I fly without wings and skate in the wind without worrying about a tumble over?
Can I take a walk through the dead lands and return with an army of Highlanders?
Can I kiss the storm and make her heart burn warm?
Can I just let go and move on?

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