Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 19, 2019

LOOKING BACK~by Bipul Kalita




The insider in me with sad ink
prompts my tolerance
to bear burdens of outside tricks
to scrutinize abandoned corpses
of humanity in inhuman hearts
of civility in uncivil minds
and build up a new faith
that will bridge the oddest gaps.

That I distance my sights from fire
does not invite darkness
in heavy moments of depressions
because, I need light not disaster.

Sometimes, pure darkness gives light
torching pilgrims to their goals
if you don’t fall in its love
if you want to hear only the doves’ wings
to greet the sun after a very peaceful night.

The outsider me is soulful with friends
loves man and hates pretenders
always tries to be vocal
always bold to be a crusader
against evils that spoil human realms.

This is the trouble with the total me
battling within
with sadness and happiness
with judgement and its apparent impacts
to face the world I live in with due honor.

Copyright@Bipul Chandra Kalita, 17/02/2018

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