Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 27, 2019

DEMON~by Nalini Starr




There is a raging demon inside of me
that may come out eventually
it’s rising to the surface
hovering patiently
waiting for me to set it free
I’m trying so hard
to control this thing
don’t know what havoc
it may bring
should I take a chance
and let it out
and see what’s it’s all about
sometimes it’s calm
sometimes it’s mad
I don’t know
whether it’s good or bad
It consumes my whole being
from head to toe
sometimes it takes me places
I don’t want to go
it stays awake when I’m asleep
sometimes it gives me the creeps
It challenges me when I’m in doubt
I wonder if I should let it out
it taunts me and plays with my head
sometimes I wish I was dead
but then again
I like its devious game
even though i feel
like I’m going insane
sometimes it makes me mad
and want to kill
but I know that if I will
let it take control of me
it will be my demise eventually
but my demon is a part of me
and I do not want to set it free.
by Nalini

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