Posted by: Ron DuBour | February 28, 2019

For the dancing~by Jeremy J Croucher



For the dancing

I wrote a few lines
with some words to digest
which I hope you’ll embrace
and in them invest
For they came from the heart
and a dance in my mind
And have their own music
to help you unwind

With a meter and rhythm
to which there’s a beat
Silent but clear to you
there in your seat
They are words with a meaning
and substance and form
They mean you no harm
and comply to the norm

To me they give beauty
and I hope you’ll agree
as you read and digest
here this fine poetry
And when you have finished
as they come to an end
I hope you’ll agree
these words are a friend

Always there for you waiting
Supportive and fair
Ever willing to dance
Always happy to share
Words are the music
that life dances to
Embracing the essence
that’s all around you

And all that the poet
has then to achieve
is give voice to the music
for you and for me
And like a dance to the paper
to seize and embrace
We’ll join in the moment
with gusto and grace

So here’s a few lines
with some words to digest
Which I hope you’ve embraced
and will now invest
For the dancing is there
and the music is good
And as you have read
I know you’ve understood


Photo – Jempics

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