Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 1, 2019

WHAT A BLESSING~by Apost Johanes Lobe




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What a blessing to wake up everyday and see,
The most Heaven made beauty lying next to me.
She’s the one i cherish and love,
A blessing sent right from above.

I will always love you as a faithful husband should,
And do everything possible i could.
I will let you know with soft words in your ears every single day,
That my love is greater than my words can say.

The love and care i see in your eyes is what i love most,
I will travel beyond the earth wave,
To defend this love we both share no matter what it will cost,
I can’t stop to ignite the burning fire in my soul,for true affection is what i have.

You are the sun that brightens throughout my day,
The gravity that holds me down in every way.
You are the moon that shimmer throughout my night,
And like the stars that glimmer oh so sweet and bright.

When you are close to me the angels sings,my emotions make it clear,
Just how much you mean to me while we are laying here.
I listen to your heart-beat in rhythm with my own,
With pound that warming sound.

If i thought for just one moment that will be my last breath,
I will tell you i will love you forever,even beyond death.
If i thought for just one moment that your face will be the last i will see,
I will take a capture of million pictures of you and save them just in me.

If i thought for just one moment that your voice will be the last i will hear,
I will listen carefully,attentively and promise not to share tear.
If i thought your romantic touch will be the last i will feel,
I will embrace you and know that this passion has all been real.

If i thought for just one moment that my heart will beat its last beat,
I will humbly thank the Lord for allowing us to meet.
For you brought value and sun light in my life,
And i forever i wish to hold,adore and be by your side.

Am proud of this feeling,course we are of the same Heaven kingdom together,
And the Love for God in each other,
Will keep our love strong,
And the Lord will take off our wrongs.

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