Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 3, 2019

ME TIME~by Jyotirmaya Thakur




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Me time is the precious time spent in solitude,
When time is filled with golden rays of fortitude.
Wonderful love fills my heart and soul in splendour,
When I am one with Nature’s awesome wonders.

In morning prayers I speak to my creator in devotion,
Delving into my inner voice in peaceful motion,
When I feel one with the universe in evolution,
Standing still as observer see beauty in confusion.

A small drop of water flowing into mighty ocean.
Brotherhood of humanity is set in motion.
The Earth is my playground of solution,
Where I display my activities in total compassion.

Beauty of present moments is my satisfaction,
These are eternal moments of divine connection.
Dawn reminds me of my sublime creation,
I owe this time to enhance good presence.

Past is history to learn from mistakes as human,
To be kind to self and forgive all in true essence,
Make indelible marks in ‘me time’ of empathy,
True humane culture imbibed in sympathy.

“Me time “is great for true evaluation,
When life is spent in true observation,
When you are in quest of true purpose of birth,
A meaningful existence as part of this Earth.

Jyotirmaya.thakur©®10 September2017.



  1. Love this 😊

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