Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 3, 2019

MY MUSE~by Nalini Starr




Even for one day you can be my muse
Tell me all the words I am free to use
Engrave your thoughts upon my heart
Inscribe them deeply to make feelings start
Let your words inspire me
You are my muse for my poetry
Pour your thoughts through my pen
Encourage me to write all types of poems
Deep from my heart your words will flow freely
And unto my page for all to see
Let your words create a fantasy
Dark thoughts too you can fill my head
Thoughts of doom and of dread
Of monsters and demons too
Just let them flow through
And of heart ache and sadness too
Whisper to me and I’ll write them for you
Anything which you require
Even of love,lust and desire
Let me know without a doubt
I’ll put them on paper and let them all out.


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