Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 3, 2019

No more more~by Nutan Sarawagi



No more more

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Was there a soul

it was dead
Lost as it lay
Tied in a sore
Browbeaten battered
Broken to its core

Wandering alone unknown unknowing
Leave me alone let me go
I an no ones answer
not even mine
I am trapped in my own soul
A heart beating
no more
A sound that reflects
only pain
A tear that falls
Holding it
it’s own oar

Row me faster
For I dare not fall
Steer me out
I am away from my shore

A shore that knows no shore
Just goes
A life of pretence
For I am the wind
Against me
That blows

Fly me away
As I touch
myself in you
In my heart to soar
A pain that no more goes
Just waits for more

A hurt that hurts itself
Until there is nothing left
To hurt anymore

Hurt me I couldn’t care less
For I have now learnt to live
Without a heart

That beckons itself

The last straw
that drowns
loosing its moor
Washed ashore
As lost as before

I don’t belong
to you anymore

As It cries no more no more

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