Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 4, 2019

Just weeps~by Nutan Sarawagi



Just weeps

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I wonder why he sleeps so long
to rest his eyes in his tired sleep as I wait for him daylong
like a puppy dog waits for his master at his feet 
to play with him
but he doesn’t do for he’s tired so , a long day ahead to keep
in his love to dream his dreams , in tears drenched in love , in his tears my tears to seep

wake up dear friend
for in you I wait
my day in you to complete

without you the sun goes out
the night turns restless
in eyes that don’t want to sleep

wake up to this new dawn
heralding a love so deep
when you and I were one
there was nothing
between us
everything to keep

now nothing seems true
for is this the way
we were meant to weep
in a love that waits
to never go
Was it ever mine to keep
As I hold it tight
it slips out
you thought I was here for keeps
Was I here
Was I ever mine
Was I yours

I wasn’t even mine to keep
It just weeps and weeps and weeps …..

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