Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 6, 2019

Let’s celebrate international women’s day~by Sarala Balachandran



Let’s celebrate international women’s day

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Let’s celebrate the power of women
The life giver of man
So far she has been given 
No place in the society
She was supposed to be in the kitchen whole day
Cooking cleaning and washing
Bringing up her children
To the best of her ability and the income her man provides
Many a nights she goes to bed with hunger after feeding her family with love
Yet she is abused and beaten
Not taken care of !
Today her life is changed
She is also a bread winner
More than her husband
She runs the home and office and commands respect from all !
She multi tasks
Home and office and kids
And her parents and in laws
Without an eyebrow raised !
She wears modern clothes and moves around with high officials and takes decisions
She makes sure the underpaid in the office are given a better income as she knows how a home is run !
She is now an all in all
She does online transactions and is very self confident unlike before !
Let’s give an applause to this wonderful creation of God Almighty without whom the world would not move !
Oh women !we salute you !

Sarala Balachandran

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