Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 9, 2019

Dice~by rldubour




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Once again I stand here losing all my money.

But, I will play until I win, don’t think it’s very funny.

Every night I come here and always is the same.

Me? I have no problem; it’s only just a game.


What’s wrong with everybody? I know that I will win.

But, I will leave with pockets empty, I will be broke again.

The adrenaline is flowing when I hold the dice to throw.

Gambling is in my blood, someday I’ll win I know!


They say I need a lot of help, they even say I’m nuts.

There is nothing wrong with me! Don’t know why they fuss.

I know I’ll hit the jackpot with the throwing of the dice.

I’ll throw a seven or eleven that would be very nice!


And when I win I will double that amount.

I will win so much money, more than I can count!

I lost my home, I lost my car and lost my family.

Always broke and just don’t care, what will be will be.


I know someday I will win and make everything all right.

But, until I do you’ll find me here almost every night.

When I had enough of throwing of the dice.

I will leave with pockets empty and go into the night.


Go and find some place to sleep and dream about the dice.

I know someday that I will win and make everything all right!

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