Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 10, 2019





Either explore my unseen dreams
to feel how deep pains may be
to remain off the records 
in and out of lively conscience
or, scroll my braids of sufferings
to feel why they kill me
day in and day out despite outer smiles…

Things happened,happen and will happen
just to obey the ways of happenings
not to stop newer motions
but to steer the newest chariots of life
in this very world where we live hand in hand.

Give me your hand, I’ll lead you
will give you my ears, you’ll lead me
there will be clean and fresh ways
to catch noble hearts
to match beautiful minds
with our purest visions for the mission.

I’m waiting for your signal, time’ll not wait for us
let us sit together to fill the ground with our warmth.

Copyright@Bipul Chandra Kalita, 10/03/2019

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