Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 10, 2019

SPRING WONDER~by Saroj K Padhi




Image may contain: bird, flower and nature

Spring sneaked into my city garden last afternoon
like an anxious extra-marital lover,
in search of an opportune moment for the stolen kiss, 
knocked the jammed door of my thoughts
with the bold, musky hands of its enchanting wind,
draping the lips of white bougainvillea in crimson Sun glow,
sprinkling the fragrance of mango buds on silken grass,
exciting birds to fly past with delightful songs-
as flowers swang in the arms of a lazy Sun
when birds and bees drank from their clammy breast,
herons flew to tree-tops like white fairies in search of beams
in the heart of the darkening forest;

rays of the setting Sun slowly released themselves
from the clasp of swaying drunken boughs
like coy girls, from the arms of aroused, outrageous lovers
in their manoeuvre for the poignant, parting kiss,

tears trickle now from the eve’s sorrowing eyes
as the bright corset of the Spring is temporarily
obscured by the dusk’s dark, dew-soaked sighs !


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