Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 12, 2019

Birth of a Dream~by Annie Johnson

Painting: Freydoon Rassouli.


Birth of a Dream

Image may contain: text and water

When thought passes through
The veil of reality
Into the ethers of the universe
It is tethered by an invisible cord
Connecting the mind to the soul
And the soul thoughts advance
Into the realm of unrelenting desire
Drifting in on waves of completeness.
I need not sleep to dream of you.
The veil through which I must pass
Lives behind my eyes, just short
Of reality’s need and my constant longing
To possess your face and form
On the plane of my enigmatic soul.
You are mine, but free to come and go
Through my veil of reality and dreams
Unencumbered by a conscious safeguard
Of sanity’s passage of passion and flight.
When I desire the journey of dreams
And pass beyond the veil of reality,
I find you there waiting for me –
A silhouette suspended in glory and light.

Annie Johnson© All rights reserved.

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