Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 13, 2019

GIRL,JUST DON’T~by Nalini Starr




Girl,just don’t go insane
over someone
who may be 
the wrong one
Don’t go crazy
over someone
who you think
is the right one
but he’s not
meant to be
Don’t let your heart
not listen
to your brain
your heart
might get broken
again and again
Don’t let common sense
go out the window
think before
you let love grow
Do not wait forever
for someone
who promises
to love you forever
but do not
want to be together
only an online
love affair
is what he is after
Let common sense prevail
do not fail
to see the light
you might miss Mr Right
who might be right
in front your eyes
you may be pleasantly
but if your mind
is stuck on the other
in a different country
you might lose out
on love eventually
do not go mad
over someone
who makes you sad
someone who says
he loves you true
but will never
be with you
an online romance
is just a fling
it may not mean anything
your love may be true
and his love too
but what good
will it do
if your wishes and dreams
cannot come true.


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