Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 15, 2019

Knowing America through Poetry~UTAH~by rldubour

Friday!! Time to travel to our next great state! Today we go to (in alpha order):


Knowing America through Poetry


Image result for UTAH welcome sign

Nicknamed “The Beehive State” denotes
Hard working people every day.
The motto is “Industry” and residents are
Called Utahns they prefer no other way.

The meaning came from the Native Indians
“Those who dwell up high” is the origin of the name.
And can also mean “mountaintop dwellers”
Either way both are about the same.

The state bird is the California Seagull
The official insect is the honey bee.
The cherry is the fruit of choice
And the blue spruce is the state tree.

The Topaz is the official gem and the
State’s hymn is “Utah, We Love Thee.”
The Rocky Mountain Elk is the animal
And the state’s flower is the Sego Lily.

Rainbow Bridge, sculptured nature is
The world’s largest natural-rock span.
Beaver is the birthplace of Butch Cassidy
The notorious western outlaw man.

In miles thirty-five by seventy-five
Is the Great Salt Lake.
Originally called the Great Salt Lake
City, Great was dropped in 1858.


The first Operational Tactical Fighter Squadron

is home at Hill Air Force Base.

Utah has 11,000 miles of fishing streams

And 147,000 acres of lakes to embrace.


The highest percentage of high
school graduates ranks number one!
Plus the highest people with a
College degree, they can not be out done!

Three national monuments, two state parks
And two national forests, what a grand array!
Kanab is called “Park Central” because
All the others are only one short drive away.

Time for names likes Hatch and Browning
Garn and Farnsworth, Bushnell and Young.
Marriott, Murphy, Malone and Barr
Redferd, Jenkins, Marie and Donny Osmond.
Statehood, January 4, 1896 45th state
Capital is Salt Lake City






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