Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 17, 2019

As Above So Bellow~by Darcy M. Royce

Homecoming Serles


2. As Above So Bellow

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A fluttering glare, glassed out from shiver,
quite before broken transcends to dot,
we brushed aside debris ln rivers,
you and l – found
though droplets,
we’ve lost the touch, more times than not.

As your voice quietened bellow the ocean,
and l had nothing left to say,
above the grave of yesteryears,
exhausted and depleted love,
ln moments purposeless –
and fugitive
we met once more, this way.

And l carried your parts – heavy
each drop of blood,
each mangled bone
l delivered you, all torn up, dishevelled
before our time has taken shape,
l wrote your name, my dearest,
on the hazy quicksand,
we anchored ties again, alone.

Yet l could see us holding -cradled ln one soulful form,
stronger faith and hope to be,
each sacred part of you, belonging here,
once those misty veils have lifted place,
l could believe each breath –
that on golden laced young silver shores,
inhaled -exhaled
love was home, at last, with me

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