Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 17, 2019

THE POLITICAL APATHIST~by Munyal Markus Manunyi




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She is a political apathist
Perching high on political fence
Chaining herself with lukewarmness
Careful not to fall into the pitfall of politics
Her timeline she sets free from political hush-hush
But smeared with ink spill from poetry
Tainting the images of governmental failures
Full of hyperbolic achievements.
She does not believe in second tenure
It’s a tenure for hardship and miniature
She believes it’s looting time for torture
And she neither believes in old rotational rulers.
Like the rising sun she sees hope rising
Spreading youthful ambiance
On passionate rulers
Like fresh mountain dew
Bathing the lilies in the valley
With fresh fruitful ideologies
So are the passionate rulers.
Yet she questions:
Do these passionate rulers really exist?
Do they keep such passion in check?
Especially when in power?
Only God The Maker
Can work in the heart of man!
Splurging buckets of mercy
On zealous citizens
Who struggles day and night
To cast votes for candidates of their choices
Who’d work with fear and fervor
Snatching away hardship
Engraving happiness in hearts.
Some voters freely feels fellow
Citizens, who sprang out of poverty
Reigns with tremor and passion
Having passed through poverty
Enroute the throne.
But like the rich rulers
Will they not also be tyrannic?

Taking a hot cup of tea
Chilling the turbulence at heart
Is what she does daily to keep at bay.

©Munyal Markus Manunyi
All Rights Reserved

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