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(love story poem for my single ladies)

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The dying day did meet its love
In the loving might of younger June
She closed her eyes and slept so pure
And wandered about a dream so soon

She saw merchants trading the day
Then some labourers and their owners
But she wandered love that needed pay
Our life and mass which is the oldest

The springs was tightly at six
The joyful moment of this love
It was that play mates made a pitch
And each pitch lovingly shines the more

The cymbals rhymes their joyful tune
With fluids of tunes to heavenly grace
The maiden kissed her wish in June
And wandered about her loving days

She traveled forth her wishful time
Through many leagues and burning will
For a man to dream her prime
With passion, peace and loving skill

The cold winds rash her pretty face
That glows in the lonely night
She looked eastwards and felt her grace
To wonder deep her love resides

She met a man clothed in skill
With charms of words and decency
“This disciplined life is worth the feel”
She thought her very sence

They troll some wondrous tales
Which heavens themselves has moved
To feel such love unmeasured scale
Of souls inclined in simple truth

Towards fields and distant shores
They gave their love the bent
Like gifted minds in kind reward
The maiden’s man has learnt

The dying night did meet its love
The maiden woke from a dream so soon
She found her lonely self so pure
And wished the dream at play in June.

[All rights reserved
@Young Francis
Blessed talents.Stay blessed my people.].

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