Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 18, 2019

Daily missive for Monday the 18th of March.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 18th of March.

Stand to attention
Button your lip
What is the point of detention
As a deterrent
When it is safer
Than a night with my old man
Why was I written
Out of history
Was my name
Taken from the register
For the crime
Of being an illiterate
Standing in a corner
With my pants pulled down
Whipped across the backside
As the class looked on
Knuckles sharply rapped
For writing
With the wrong hand
Wore a dunces cap
Could never spell a word
Or ever even heard
Of dyslexia
Lived on jam and bread
But never wished
That I was dead
Or understood
The meaning of anorexia
Stood in line
When the bugle called
Went to war
Because they needed me
Became a private
Which was a misnomer
As everything we were
Was opened up
For inspection
Even an erection
Nothing is ever hidden
From the military
But the truth
Of what it costs
To survive
When there is no one
Left alive
Did you see me
When the last man fell
I was in the foxhole
As the mist came down
Nobody can see
What death is meant to be
But the dead
And we are all of us
Counted equal
In the end.

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