Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 18, 2019

“LOVE WITH A VISION”~by Apost Johanes Lobe




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Love with a vision,lost in deep thought in a lonely angle of a beauty Queen,
Doing some nice poetic lyrics down the beach feeling the warm breeze just for a love I think I have never seen.
You enter my Heart like an electric shock viewed in a Love right deep inside,
My heart beats faster than a car on motion praying you become mine.

Love is simple, nice,sweet,and kind,
Love is the best gift ever,
In your weakness am blind,
No matter the faults I will never say never.

I know am not the only one that admires that beauty looks,
That’s why I enrolled in the university of Love and beauty to study yours like a book,
Cause I wish to keep that beauty like an egg and sweet charming smiles always,
By your permit I wish to become your beauty make up artist to keep it growing,Darling really am mad for your caren ways.

I see the gold of what you want to become,
Take my hands let’s fight and overcome,
I listen to the sound of your sweet voice I think you love music,
Am a poet and a love doctor I know much lyrics.

You are the source of my inspiration,
When you are around no more depression,
Just that gentle smile and passionate care makes me weak,
I can’t stop loving you this feeling makes me think.

Am here to make sure you become the best in life,
I don’t wish to be a player,
In my Heart and soul you are registered as my wife,
To be with you till eternity is just my prayer.

You changed my pains to gain,
You changed my tears to rest,
With this Love I can’t complain,
For in your arms I feel the best.

I will never retire,
You are my desire,
What an angel I treasure,
A feeling beyond measure.

My vision is we build a family with much care,
A home with love and affections so rare,
Teaching by character our children’s to lean methods of true lasting passion,
Never to hurt you,never to make you feel sad,never to make you cry,but take you to the sky for am in love with a Vision.

Written by Apostle Johanes Lobe
18/03/2019 edition
FB Page/Lyric General

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