Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 19, 2019

Peering Into Words~by Pasithea Chan



Peering Into Words

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Words, like pictures
capture lives and souls
beyond the moments
we trap, in frames;
to celebrate: life’s games.

Like the cameras we pull out
to snap scenes we think about;
we pull words to extend ourselves
like swords extend hands in defense.

But the thing is,
Do we look at our words
as we do when holding cameras?
Do we review photos
to choose what goes or stays?

Take a look at your words
so you can hear me.
But don’t listen to me
to give answers.

Take a look at your words
so you can see me.
But don’t use me
to measure achievements.

Take a look at your words
so you can understand me.
But don’t tell me how to be me
because you don’t wear my shoes.

Take a look at your words
so you can know me.
But don’t use the wrong in me
to get your point across.

Take a look at your words
so you can keep me.
But don’t sedate me with maybe
to stay ahead or keep scores.

Take a look at your words
And tell me if you like what you see.
Does it make you feel better than me?
Because if you can’t see
it’s not about you or me
then you’ll never know that words
are what we are, how we are
where we are, and why we are.
Words leave our lips
to lead lives or end trips.

So take a look at your words
Don’t skim through them like photos.
Don’t see me as a static figure.
Don’t measure me by a moment.
Don’t put me in a category.

Take a look at your words
beyond loving or hating me
beyond understanding or judging me
beyond blaming or supporting me
beyond assessing or debasing me
beyond believing or discrediting me.
Because you and I are moments
moving in life’s jungles
with only our words
to define our souls
that are always passing not staying
but rarely peering into ourselves
because peering into words beats mirrors.

Author’s Notes:

Words go beyond communicating needs or wants. They build and destroy both the talker and listener because many times both forget that words are the only 3d mirrors that have no filters and do not require standing in front of them. Words mirror their users to listeners but only show their users themselves when they step inside them.

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