Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 19, 2019

“©PROPHETIC GENERATION”©~by Apost Johanes Lobe




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What a generation God has blessed,
We are born of a prophetic seed,
We are workers of the company of salvation,
Christ is our father,brother, friend, so the is no depression.

We are hated because we speak the truth in Christ,
There more the hates the more the Grace,
Cause we don’t compromise our faith for any reason beyond our might,
We have a great Heart to defend what is written on our face.

We were never known by the world but we were known by the word,
Then the world knew us through the word of the Lord,
Like us or not we gonna keep preaching,
Moving from country to country and keep teaching.

We are called by a divine father,
We are ready to go beyond any weather together,
We have go through the pains to have this much gains,
Jealous us not for we have pass through the cross to have this crown without stain.

We are righteous in nature,
We walk only with the mature,
We guard our Hearts with the gospel of peace,
Christ has paid the coins of sorrow for us to pay no other Price.

They talk bad against our message because they lack spiritual understanding,
We are spirits in human form so we know were our Kingdom is standing,
We are a living production of the anointing,
We remind you Christ is soon coming.

We prophesy in capital letters,
To solve critical matters to the latter that don’t matter,
We know and understand all the prophetic code numbers,
So we can predict the future,the present and the past,
We live by the word, prayer,giving and dry fast,

Its shocking that even pastors and clergy men fight us for no good reason,
Are we not one in Christ we are prophets by calling so we are standing in any season,
We are prophetic and electric,
We are inquisitive and charismatic.

We are the prophetic generation prophet Joel spoke about our coming,
We are here to shine the light and keep progressing,
Stand by us for we are one family instituted by divinity,
We keep our dignity for Christ is our priority.

©Written by Apost johanes Lobe
©03/2019 edition
©FB Page/Lyric General

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