Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 19, 2019

VIRTUAL LOVERS~by Nalini Starr




They fell in love online
He thinks she is oh so fine
He thinks of her all the time 
She is always on his mind

Every day they will chat
They chat about this and that
He tells her he loves her very much
But they cannot even touch

They live worlds apart
They promise each other their hearts
Feelings of love did start
They say their love will never depart

She never felt this way before
With love and so much more
He opened her heart’s door
Feeling love down to her core

Separated by land and sea
They love each other virtually
With a love that’s meant to be
Loving till eternity

She wants to be together
But he tells her never
They must be online lovers
He can never be with her

He says honestly
He will never visit her country
And he will never marry
Virtual loving it has to be

She does not want another guy
And this she won’t deny
Loving him makes her cry
And she would wonder why

Virtual loving it has to be
She settles for that finally
Nothing else she can do really
She loves him madly

He used to love another one
And his love for her still lives on
But his online love is more strong
He thinks she is the perfect one

The other one is in his country
He can be with her if he wants to be
He says that won’t become reality
His online lover must believe his honesty

She loves him very much she doesn’t care
If another one is there
Her love won’t disappear
A love she thinks is rare

She wears her heart on her sleeves
And she so believes
He will never leave
And he will never deceive

He promises to love her till he dies
And his feelings are no lies
His love is as big as the skies
And sometimes he cries

Virtual lovers they promise to be
Sending their love across the sea
Knowing it can never become reality
Maybe it’s just a fantasy
But they think it was meant to be
Their destiny.

Some may say she’s wasting her time
By loving in this kind
But she doesn’t mind
No one else she wants to find.

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