Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2019

RACE~by Bipul Kalita




Cementing all cracks in heart
an invisible rat runs
in flooded fields, reddish blue…

It shakes off fears from tears
becoming a flame
not to burn the world around
but to turn barren minds
into green fields for future races.

Visibly run innumerable rats in dry fields
to reach invisible goals
to teach indefinite colors of those races
which fold and unfold open secrets of life.

The invisible rat taps my shoulder
to be ready for trips to sight
belling my insight to peep into real facts
easily concealed in winged imaginations.

I become more practical
in noble vision
in solemn mission
than seasonal birds in flight,
and the rat provides me the light.

Copyright@Bipul Chandra Kalita,20/03/2019

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