Posted by: Ron DuBour | March 20, 2019

What Do You Know of an Old Woman’s Heartaches?~by Annie Johnson



What Do You Know of an Old Woman’s Heartaches?

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What do you know of an old woman’s heartaches;
The nights lying alone and sleepless in quiet misery?
Lifelong friends and lovers lost to beds of forever sleep;
Keeping sudden rendezvous with death we’ll all keep.
Tears will not bring back the strains of far-off music,
Or the spinning dance floor; the mad whirl in a lover’s arms
Who looked at her with sky blue eyes and twinkling flaxen hair
Drooping on a golden forehead never to be wrinkled by time.
Her hallway is empty where little running feet echo
To the tune of carefree shrieks of long silent laughter.
Remembered are vivid scenes of little heads bent over books
And the writing tablets of knowledge flowing away
Into rooms long abandoned from her severed apron strings,
To live independent livelihoods in faraway nameless cities.
What do you know of frayed doilies and unreachable cobwebs;
Or the little mice of regret nibbling away at chances never taken?
In the lonely bed of dreams, more life is realized than ever lived
In all the youthful years of passionate, waywardness. With age
Everything goes backward in time, like Hansel and Gretel
Retracing a trail of crumbs through the dark forest of life,
So they could find their way home through the overgrown path
Leading past the wicked witch of loneliness and heartaches
To walk into the sunset of new dreams and the wonders of the future.
What do I know of an old woman’s heartaches? Nothing!
Your love has fed me new dreams and a feeling of timelessness.

Annie Johnson© All rights reserved

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