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Dark Dawn
There was a strange palpitation in his heart. In last so many years he had never
felt like this in his habitual company of loneliness. A shooting star crossed the
sky of his heart reminding him of the moments of passion lost into the ripples
of the river Mahanadi . It was a morning . Some lightly dark clouds came floating
in , to shadow the silhouette moon in a moment . She sat beside him on a piece
of rock on the bank dangling her bare feet into the waters of the river
narrating her dilemma, “Do you know, Saroj I’m really torn between my love for
you and my proposed marriage with Manmath Panigrahi. You know I can’t live
without you but I also don’t know how to get away from the snare of my
involvement with him…do you understand ? “
Her tongue was getting choked as she spoke.
Saroj kept imagining many moments of objectionable intimacy between the two
as he kept looking deep into her eyes shedding drops of warm tears.The river
looked at her in amazement .Then he took her right hand into his fold of his
palms, kissed them and said, “Don’t …please don’t cry…I’m ready for all
consequences.”But as he was saying this his hands were getting moist with
droplets of sweat dripping from depths of the pores of an anguished skin where
her palm’s maroon mehendi was taking on a red color .The rose that sprouted
long back in the garden of his heart shrugged its petals to look at the chemistry
of love weaving mysterious beats in two hearts into a bead of an invisible rosary
with silent chants of a divine feeling of togetherness at a secret place…for rarely
had they such opportunity to meet . Slowly the dawn darked with a few drops
of drizzle awaking the two souls to rise above the material body into feelings of
strange love in the soul of rain drenching them .

They sat on in spite of rain, rather with rain. Saroj was picking pearls of those
moments of intimacy from her tears they had a few months back in the
courtyard of Leena’s house under a full moon. Leena sat shivering somewhat
amazed, wondering at the reason behind her tears.And the great river kept
flowing with drops of rain and droplets of tears mingling into the giant flow…

Copy right : @ Saroj K. Padhi


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